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From appraisal assignment to status updates to full compliance audit trails and more, we manage every part of the appraisal process for you, ensuring that your appraisal orders are taken care of from start to finish.





As you plan for the significant OCC and CFPB compliance changes slated for 2014, it’s more important than ever to have a true appraisal services partner, not just a ‘vendor.’ We have an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and service.  Our team and our processes address your specific needs to create a partnership you’ll be able to rely on.





Participating appraisers agree to fair but stringent quality and performance standards to ensure that the most qualified appraiser fulfills every order.


Rest assured – you will never again be held responsible for an AMC’s failure to pay the appraiser.


100% Compliant It’s crucial that you plan for the significant OCC & CFPB compliance changes slated for 2014. Will your current AMC partners hold up against an audit? And will your business survive if they don’t?


We’re dedicated to providing your team with a great experience from start to finish. The Support Team is devoted to helping partners like you by answering questions, resolving issues and accelerating your business.


Our support includes:


•  Dedicated Client Advocate

•  Concierge phone and email support

•  Online help documentation and knowledge base access

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